Margaret & John

Hi Karen and Laurence and team,

As promised we have taken the time now we are home to set down on paper (email actually) our thoughts on our wedding day, and the whole ‘Lindos Weddings Experience’ in general. Please forgive the lengthy email, but I did say that I wanted to be as frank and honest as possible.

As you know we had very set ideas from the outset of our planning, having both been to Lindos many times before and knowing the village relatively well. From our very first point of contact you were knowledgeable, friendly and I must say, not too pushy at all. Being in Sales and Recruitment myself I was extremely wary of taking on the services of a sales person rather than a wedding planner. But, the endless recommendations from all the people we have come to know in Lindos certainly put us on the right road when it came to identifying our perfect ‘planning partner’. You made the whole process easy to follow, easy to understand and not in the least bit stressful.

We’re so glad that we took the time last July to come out and actually meet with you before making a decision. As you know, we were left a little unimpressed by the other local planners; one was almost ferociously pushing a hotel we had never heard of on us as a reception venue (not surprisingly with arrival by a boat that they themselves owned) whilst another promised us the World, but seemed unable to actually give us definite prices, information or even guarantees on most of the things we enquired about, so we ended up leaving that meeting feeling very apprehensive. We are both so relieved that we followed our hearts and heads and decided upon ‘Lindos Weddings’. At no time did we ever feel that arrangements were being made for any other reason than to give us the perfect wedding day. Your confident, professional manner only served to reassure us both and the subsequent comments received by people we knew once they heard we had booked your services convinced us we had made the right choice.

The meeting with Julie in London was actually a very nice experience. Please pass on our thanks to her; she is a definite credit to you and your company. Again, the meeting was unhurried and covered all that we were interested in and although I was by this time ‘sold’, the lack of a full on sales pitch was a pleasant surprise and left us both even more confident in you and your team.

On the subject of your team, please also pass on our thanks to all the various people involved in our wedding day. Claire for her patience with our very sloooow email replies, Cath for her venue advice and Cath and Lynn (?) (I’m sorry if I have the wrong name) for their help at the Chapel. I have always felt that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but the Lindos Weddings chain is as strong as any I have ever encountered! You are fortunate to have such people around you when it comes to running your own business; I know from bitter experience that wrong staff can be the death of any successful venture.

Before we left Rhodes you asked me for my honest opinion on your company as a whole. This is what I have given here. Although our own ‘Lindos Wedding experience’ is now at an end I can truly say that I have been nothing but impressed from day one. You have been a pleasure to work with and we will both be forever grateful for all the help, advice and support offered throughout the entire wedding planning process. If you ever decide that you have had enough of your wonderful life in the Sun and are looking to head back to London give me a call. I am always on the lookout for people of your calibre and professionalism and would snap you up in an instant.

With gratitude and affection,

John and Margaret Beecham.