Kelly & Tim

What can we say about our perfect fantastic wedding day in Lindos, it was the most amazing day of our lives, all thanks to everyone at the Lindos Weddings team, we seriously wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Everything right from the beginning when we first made the enquiry back in June 2009, to when we arrived in Lindos in August 2011, ran so smoothly. We always received regular emails from you throughout telling us exactly what was going on, you really didn't leave a stone unturned. You genuinely made us feel like we were the most important people ever! We were never worried that something may go wrong, everyone we met through Lindos Weddings were so professional and so efficient (exactly what you need when getting married, especially aboard!)

Our wedding day itself on 24th August 2011 was perfect from beginning to end, it was everything we ever dreamed of. We felt that you had really listened to what we wanted for our wedding, and you didn't push us into anything we didn't want to have. We had a vision in our head of how we wanted it to look and be, and you made it come to life, but better! The flowers, my hair, the violinist, the musician at our reception, the decorations on the table, and last but certainly not least, the cake, basically everything, were all amazing. Our reception at the Lindos View was absolutely brilliant.

The whole day was such a surreal and beautiful time in our lives. All our family still talk about the whole experience now, and how great Lindos Weddings were, even my little brothers still remember little things from the wedding day, even as young as they were at the time. Tim even had the Lindos Weddings motto, " A day of joy, a life time of memories" tattooed on his leg as a permanent memento.  That is exactly what it was and will always be! Wish we could do it all over again!

Lots of love from a dull freezing England! no surprise there then hey!

Kelly & Tim Warwick
Wedding day: 24th August 2011